lab03: Exploring Pods and Nodes

When working with Kubernetes, managing and exploring Pods and Nodes is crucial. Here's a quick guide on using kubectl commands for these tasks:


  • Listing Pods Across All Namespaces: To see every Pod running across all namespaces in your cluster, use:
    kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
  • Listing Pods Within a Specific Namespace: If you want to focus on Pods within a particular namespace, modify your command like so:
    kubectl get pods -n <namespace>
  • Describing a Pod: For detailed information about a specific Pod, including its status and events, use the describe command:
    kubectl describe pod <pod-name> -n <namespace>


  • Listing All Nodes: To get a list of all Nodes in your cluster, along with their status, use:
    kubectl get nodes
  • Describing a Node: For a deep dive into a specific Node's details, including the Pods running on it and its available resources, use:
    kubectl describe node <node-name>