What You Will Learn

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have a solid understanding of what Kubernetes is and what it does. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Deploy, scale, update, and debug containerized applications on a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Utilize an interactive online terminal for real-world, practical application of your knowledge.

Why Kubernetes?

In today's digital landscape, users expect applications to be available 24/7, and developers are under pressure to deploy new versions of these applications multiple times a day. Kubernetes is designed to support this dynamic environment by enabling:

  • Continuous Deployment and Scaling: Release and update applications quickly and without downtime.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Intelligent scaling and resource management to meet user demand.
  • Reliability and Availability: Ensure that applications are always available to users.

Kubernetes combines Google's deep experience in running production loads at scale with the best-of-breed ideas and practices from the community.

Workshop Modules

Throughout this bootcamp, you will complete the following modules:

  1. Create a Cluster: Learn the basics of Kubernetes clusters and how to set one up.
  2. Deploy an App: Deploy your first application on Kubernetes.
  3. Explore Your App: Understand how to inspect and interact with your deployed application.
  4. Expose Your App Publicly: Make your application accessible from the internet.
  5. Scale Up Your App: Adjust your application's resources to handle increased traffic.
  6. Update Your App: Safely roll out updates to your application.

Ready to Start?

With everything set up and your understanding of the bootcamp structure, you're now ready to embark on your Kubernetes learning journey. Let's dive in and explore the powerful capabilities of Kubernetes together!